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20Sep 2017

If the Equifax data breach hasn’t already gotten you scared, now there’s even more reason to safeguard your website with an SSL certificate … Google’s using its ubiquitous web browser, Chrome, to fight the war against unsecure sites. Beginning in October, Chrome will call out sites that don’t have an SSL certificate by labeling them […]

04Dec 2015
SEO | Internet Marketing | Bellingham, WA

It happens to everyone, and it happens all the time. You’ve seen it; I’ve seen it. The crazy thing is most of us never really look further than the sign that hits our screen: 404 Error, Page Not Found. And when this happens we have a quick internal sigh, hit the “click to go back” […]

12May 2015

Google. A website. A company. A verb. We all know it, but do we fully understand the power behind the name. The power behind the engine. Google is by far the most prominent search engine in our world. But what does that mean? How much pull does Google have in the modern world? In February of […]

10Nov 2014

With an awesome name like ClickMonster, we had to find an equally awesome mascot to represent us. Luckily, we found Walter. Walter Littlehorn, to be precise. We first met Walter at a beachfront bar on a far-flung island, sipping on banana rum drinks. He was a little aloof, but we could tell there was something […]

01Nov 2014

We’re excited to announce our transition from Whatcom Web to ClickMonster! Whatcom Web started in 2006 as as an Internet Marketing and Web Hosting company. We quickly grew to become a valued partner to hundreds of small businesses throughout the U.S. and in five countries, all utilizing our SEO and Internet marketing services to grow […]