ClickMonster is a locally owned small business located in Bellingham, Washington. We are the result of over 20 years of internet business experience, focusing on helping businesses succeed online. The history has been exciting and varied (see below).

And Then…


And so it began…

Gary Pickering, with his two partners, Rusty Swayne and Jason Howard formed Millennium Media.  The web was booming and building websites seemed like a great opportunity to participate in the ‘Wild West” of what was the internet.  The company experienced many ups and downs, and ultimately closed its virtual doors 2 years later.  Many valuable lessons were learned that are still a part of ClickMonster’s culture today.


While working for U.S. Bank, Gary founded Mindfly.  Gary still loved the internet and decided to get fresh start with a new company. Within the year, Rusty joined the new company as partner and development lead. Mindfly grew quickly, adding services such as web hosting and internet marketing along the way. In June 2006, Gary sold his interest in Mindfly to Rusty so he could pursue Whatcom Web full-time.  As part of the sale, Gary retained the internet marketing and web hosting businesses.  Mindfly continues to be a successful web development company today under Rusty’s leadership.


Gary formed Whatcom Web to focus on internet marketing, search engine optimization, and web hosting. Whatcom Web re-branded the Mindfly web hosting customers, and Whatcom Host was born.


Gary sold Whatcom Host, leaving Whatcom Web to focus solely on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and shortly thereafter added Social Media Consulting and Marketing to the mix.  Over the years, Whatcom Web added dozens of other services, including WordPress Websites.  Eventually, web hosting was added back as a core service, under the brand Big Time Host.


Having served clients in over 25 states and 5 countries, Whatcom Web was re-branded as ClickMonster.  ClickMonster continues today with the mission of helping businesses of all sizes succeed online with a ROI based approach to internet services.