Local Search Engine Optimization Brings in Customers

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Here’s why local search is important:

  • Search engines know exactly where users are and are now delivering local search results, tailored to the area.
  • Web use is moving to mobile devices, and most searches from mobile devices are local in nature—they’re people on the go, looking for the products and services they need now.
  • If you’re selling to a local audience, Local Search brings customers to you.

Get Discovered With Local Business Listings

A local business listing is simply your business name, address, phone number (or NAP, for short) on sites like Google+ Local, Bing Places, Yahoo! Local, Yelp and Foursquare. Local business listings can help customers find you—but you have to be there.

Errors in your local business listings can hurt your online marketing and frustrate potential customers!

Along with your NAP, you can enhance your listing and attract more quality traffic by adding a short description, business categories or photos.

How We Can Help

There are hundreds of local business directories that can feature your business—way too many for you to track. But we can! We’ll optimize, check, and correct your local listings, make them consistent, and get them out there for all the world to find.

ClickMonster can manage your local listings to drive local traffic and local dollars to your business. It’s that easy.