We went for the Gold and we won!

We’ve come a long way and it really showed this year when we won gold in 2018’s ‘Best of the Northwest’ Best Creative Company. We’re so grateful to our clients whose votes helped us win, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing team.

We’re in awe when we think of how ClickMonster has grown these last few years. In 2014, we offered SEO with a staff of three. Then we grew, expanding our departments to include experts in PPC and Web Design. More organized, more cohesive, and with a killer team of designers, we won our first ‘Best of the Northwest’ award in 2016, earning the silver ribbon. And then we won the Silver again in 2017.

The ClickMonster team has now expanded to include Social Media Management. Our expanding team, along with our mission to provide fantastic customer service and a great product, paid off this year, finally winning us the gold.

The company has greatly evolved over the years and we couldn’t have won without such a remarkable team of people and clients. Here’s to the first gold, and many more to come!