Protect Your Brand And Grow Your Business With A Reputation Boost

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Reputation Management and Online Reviews are an important part of generating quality conversions for any business with an online presence. With the future of business deeply rooted in customer service, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to tune into your customer’s everyday experience with your business.

Nothing Boosts Your Reputation Better Than Customer Reviews

The ClickMonster Reputation Booster Service will help your business or organization drive reviews through your website and guarantees that ONLY POSITIVE reviews are posted online to the 3 major online review services; Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook!

Here is How it Works

  1. Direct Your Clients To Your New Review Link
  2. Your Clients Leave A Review
  3. Client Who Leave A 4 Or 5 Star Review Are Redirected To Public Display

For a 3 Star or Lower the Review is Sent for Internal Review

The Public Eye Sees Only Positive Reviews

Only clients leaving positive reviews are redirected to your third-party review request page as shown above. You decide how many stars make the cut, though typically 4 or 5 stars is considered a keeper. This ensures that only high reviews make it onto the big review sites.

No matter what, you are immediately notified of ANY review that is placed on your third-party review sites (Google, Yelp. Facebook) so you can reply as appropriate.

While less positive ratings of 1, 2, or 3 stars are not given the redirect link, you are still notified of the review and given the opportunity to resolve any issues or complaints. When handled with care, these less than favorable reviews can very often be turned into positive ones. And when that happens, you can quickly provide them with the links to your online review sites!