You Need Facebook Ads

  1. Your audience is on Facebook.
  2. Facebook ads are cheaper than most forms of paid advertising.
  3. You can target your audience with amazing precision.
  4. Facebook drives up your brand recognition and helps on-the-fence customers choose your business.
  5. Facebook has a powerful set of tools that make getting new leads easy if you know how to use them.

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Engaging Facebook & Instagram Ad Design

Facebook Lead Generation Package

Marketing yourself on Facebook can be time consuming and complicated.

We’ll keep your social media marketing simple and straightforward.

Let us get you the leads. So you can grow your business.

A/B Testing of Ad Copy, Pictures, Headlines

Ads Target Specific Demographics

Collect Subscribers and Emails



Joshua Hale (Best of Bellingham Marketing Consultant 2018) also has extensive experience working as a Freelance Designer, Consultant, and certified Social Media Manager taught by SO ME Academy. He is extremely organized and loves the challenge that comes with helping small business owners get big business results.

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