Google Analytics

All the Data, Without All the Confusion

Here at ClickMonster, one of our most important jobs is to helping you make good decisions concerning your business and your website, using tools like Google Analytics.

As a Google Certified Partner, Google Analytics is a function of everything we do. This powerful tool gives us the information we need to improve your website’s rank, while giving you valuable insights about how your visitors engage with your website.

They Say Knowledge is Power. It’s True.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, business owners can learn amazing things:

  • Find out where website traffic comes from.
  • Learn which pages are most popular.
  • Discover what search terms people use to find your site.
  • Determine which promotional campaigns are the most (and least) effective.
  • Identify new markets.

One of the most important things to do for any website is to set up and install Google Analytics!

Knowing precisely what web visitors are doing and what they like means you can:

  • Tweak your site to make it better for users.
  • Hone your marketing efforts to convert more users into customers.
  • Drive revenue.

Clear Up the Mystery and Run Your Business Better

ClickMonster does more than just forward confusing reports to you. We’ll set up Google Analytics on your site, and train you on what to look for in the data. You’ll soon have insights into information that will help you run your business smarter—and better.

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