We can help you harness the power of e-mail marketing

Email Marketing can be a bit scary that some people just keep putting it off for another day (sound familiar?) Let ClickMonster help your business with customer loyalty and customer retention through Email Marketing!

Create a successful email marketing campaign

It is a proven that Email Marketing can help you grow your customer base and helps keep an open line of communication between you and your clients. ClickMonster can create an email campaign effectively and efficiently with our years of experience. Creating a successful email campaign requires research to know who to your target market is in order to find the audience that best suites you. After finding the appropriate target audience, ClickMonster will send emails to your clients or potential clients, whether they be newsletters, reminding your clients that you have something they want. And also promotional emails, allowing you to announce if you are opening another location, special promotions or new products and specials. We can implement and provide training for a successful email marketing campaign. We use Constant Contact and have been very pleased with the costs and features they offer.

Connect with customers in real time

Email marketing is this generation’s way of sending letters via mailman, so we advise you to get on the internet train!

Track open email, CTR and sales from each email sent

We will track these emails that are sent out to figure out if they are effective and boost their performance. We will be able to see which emails were opened, how long they were looked at, what links were clicked and if any products or services were bought. This will help us understand these clients specifically and aim to meet their needs individually to optimize conversion rates.

Increase customer loyalty and conversion rates

With Email marketing, the receiver basically has to give permission to accept your businesses newsletter or they have the chance to opt-out. By having the option, your clients will not have to be bugged every time they see your company’s name on their email list. The other benefit is that by keeping the newsletter, your company will have the chance to transform that into a sale or a new customer, in turn creating value for your company!