Congratulations to the best social media consultant in Bellingham!

Proud to announce that our social media and reputation manager, Joshua Hale, won the 2018 Best of Bellingham Award in the category of Marketing Consultant. Joshua joined us at ClickMonster in 2017, bringing with him a trove of social media skills to add to the team. But these skills weren’t developed overnight.

He first began doing digital marketing in 2013 as JH Social Media after realizing that very soon this would be a service that every business was going to need. Facing challenges in his first year, he stumbled through the learning process of marketing himself and his business. Success came when he landed his first client of many to come. The next few years were spent straining to provide the many services of digital marketing on his own before merging his company with ClickMonster last year.

Joshua loves to help others. Being able to help small businesses bring in new leads and reach clients is the most fulfilling part of doing this work. Joining ClickMonster has provided a team of support along with a focused, cohesive system that has enabled him to bring his skills into full swing. “I couldn’t do it without my teammates and freelancers,” he says. “Communication is always clear and effective. Their dedication and love of their work really shows and is conveyed through the work we do for our clients.” He’s definitely come a long way. We’re excited to see how far we can go as a team.